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Here is future page I plan on putting the spiritual side of myself. It's had to put yourself out there when you don't feel mainstream, but that's okay. It's about growth and not being afraid. Wish me luck!

From http://gypsyfroggie.blogs.com/
I have been listening to some podcasts on meditation and ran across this, some times it is hard to find balance and the reasons things happen the purpose of my life:

Our habitual thoughts create a whole mind and body experience. Before every thought, of kindness or intolerance, there is an intention behind it. For good or for evil.

•From the intention springs the deed

•From the deed springs the habit

•From the habit grows the character

•From the Character grows the Destiny!

So our intentions create our life experience...

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    Carole here from the Jane Davies class. I can't find a link to email you. can you visit my website and send me an email? thanks, Carole www.carolelylesshaw.com