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Quilt Projects Very Much in Progress!

Okay. here is a good way for me to track some started projects. It's cool to see them online and not just in my iphone.

Below, I love these colorful blocks. They are from at least 6 different quilt classes I took. Still not sewn together, but it's on the list. Of course all of these projects are on the list!

Below is a cool block from a Block of the Month I joined from Material Obsession. It's really big and has awesome pieces to it.  They send the patterns and fabric from Australia. I have been doing projects with for about 4 years in a row.

Here is a center piece I did with Pat Sloan. It will likely become part of a larger quilt. I like that it looks sort of Spanish style.

 Here is a closeup of a quilt top I did complete but still need to quilt. It was a mystery quilt with my Facebook swap group "Kaffe Swap"

Here are some wool blocks I started, these are from a Suw Spargo pattern.

Here are some batik blocks I started with Linda Hahn, Rock that Block pattern.

Here is a thread paitning class I took. It's had to see details, but I'll try to find a better pic.

Here are blocks froma mystery class I took. It will be a baby quilt when I'm done.

Some of my Patchwork City Sampler blocks. This will be my Beatles quilt when I'm done.

A quilt in progress for a co-worker.

Blocks from my Peppermint Twist class with Sujata Shah. 

Modern Spiderweb blocks I'm working on.

A special quilt I'm working on for a family member.

Some kaleidoscope blocks, from Sujata Shah Organized Chaos pattern.

I have way more, but cannot find the pics!

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