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Quilt Projects Mostly Complete

OMG, I really have to update this blog. It's a little embarrassing, but that's okay. I have the someday I will retire and have time to blog, lean and quilt! I am sure I have over 15 quilt tops to quilt, over 40 blocks in process and less than 15 actually finished quilts. I just don't totally know (date 7/6/2016). Someday I'll check...NOT.

Here I am at my Sweet Sixteen Quilt machine. I think I was posing for the camera, but that is my son-in-law quilt on right that I was going to work on.

A recent tote I made for my daughter Chelsea. I thought it would be great for her boat rides since it's  mainly made of mesh.

Here is a simple quilt I made for of my daughters best friend baby Mia. I just love the fabric so much I bought more fabric so I could made another for myself. Also here is a pic of my hubby doing his part, cutting threads!

My Ginormous Tote made at a class in Maryland. I just LOVE it!

Below is the quilt for  my grandson Cole. I love all the boy prints. It did get old doing all the blocks, I usually like more variety, but quilt came out awesome. I did find a pic with my cat Boo Boo laying on it!  I will post him with the quilt when I find it!

 Below is the quilt I made for my son-in-law Fernando. He is a policeman for San Antonio. I love this fabric on top and used some novelty cowboy and policeman fabric on back. When he got the quilt, he thought the backing was the front, which is great!

Here is a baby quilt I made for a Navy family friend of over 35 years! This was for their first grandson Julian.  I love the little anchor and I quilted anchors throughout. I wanted this quilt to be more modern looking than my scrappy style.

My granddaughter Iyana wanted a horse quilt, and I was in the mood to do it. It has appliqued horses from a pattern. I came out fun and colorful! I did let her pick out some of the colors.

Below is a quilt I made for my Grandniece Miranda. She is fighting brain cancer since she was 3 months old. Her mom asked me to especially make this quilt with the saying on it for her. I used a minky fabric backing so it would be super soft.

Below is my first wool project. All the items were cut out and hand embroidered. I gave this to my mom who is talented herself and loves handmade items. This is the pic before they are attached to make a sort of doily.

Below is the qult for my son-in-law Jeff. It was a Quilt as you Go technique with chevrons. I LOVE that fabric! At least he is using the quilt!

Below is Maddie showing the quilt I made her. Her family are Navy friends of ours that we've know for at least 20 years. Her parents says she really loves her quilt!

Below is a quilt I made for a high school friend of mine for his granddaughter Madison. I think he is my biggest quilt fan! This one was for his second granddaughter. My own design. I love all the scrappy fabric, and how the b & w pops out.

Below is my quilt for Maricella my second granddaughter. It has pink, browns and greens. There is also a little bit of John Deere girly fabric. Her mom is kind of country and we added those elements. I love how my piano border came out.

Below is the quilt top for my youngest Granddaughter Scarlett. I love the scrappy stripes all over it. This is loosely based on a pattern from Bonnie Hunter. I have yet to quilt it! I may still add some fabric top and bottom to make it loner.

Here is the corner up close. I really like all the different items on it.

 Below I am posing with a "Beatles" quilt I made for my niece Adrianna. My sis has the main Beatles fabric and I did the piecing and quilting. My niece had gotten her RN and I wanted to make sure she got this as a gift. This was my first Quilt as you go project. She loves it and actually uses it, which I love. BTW, we both LOVE the Beatles!

Here is a row swap I did with a group at "Quiltingboard.com". You send your partners your row or column (mine is center dresden plates with lines) and they add more rows to it. I included some of my fabric in order to keep it somewhat uniform in color. They picked out their pattern and added their fabrics. I think this is beautiful and colors just like I would want it. I have not sewed it together yet, it's on my list to do. lol

Below is my Owl Quilt top a BOM from Material Obsession. I did not have room to add the bottom layer. I have not added backing yet, but I think it's awesome and I learned quite a few techniques. It still hasn't been quilted, but I love this quilt to so much, I'm waiting for my quilting skills to get better.

My former daughter-in-law and son holding up the throw quilts I made them. The were living in Hawaii at the tine and were visiting. Here is a Alabama Crimson Tide theme, and his is a University of Texas Longhorn theme.  My DiL loves her quilt and I love that she actually still uses it!

Below is a fun cute baby quilt I made for a high school friend. It was a set of 12 squares I bought from another quilter, then I just winged it and added borders to give it pizazz!

Below is my first Judy Neimeyer quilt top. It's the Glacier Star. I took a class at a local quilt shop to learn this style.
My sis wanted me to start posing with some of my quilt tops. I miss this basement space I had at a different house. It really felt like a studio!

Below is my self portrait mini-quilt I did for an online quilt group. I love how it came out. I had this small quilt stored in a basked with some other stuff when I want moving houses. My cleaning people threw everything away that was in the basket. It was too late when I noticed the bin was now empty! Sigh, I'll make another and do even better next time.

Below is a close-up of my first grand baby quilt for Iyana. I has good size panels of mermaids. I of course needed to move them around and add some sashing. I love mermaids and just loved these little panels. Our last name is Bass, so I know I enjoy incorporating fish.

Grandson Joey below, (first grandson in the family), born in Hawaii, trying out his quilt.

My daughter wanted a B&W quilt at the time. I love how this came out, but I did have to add a little red for color!

My beautiful daughter Chelsea, with her crazy quilt. She picked the colors. She likes it, but she is a much more modern girl. Next time. it will be!

Here is a quilt made for our family friend Nievelsi. I was my first time quilting on a longarm. Be glad you can't see the quilting details!

A baby quilt made for a co-worker for her first baby. I love the scrappy binding. I never make quilts this small, but I really did not have much time for anything larger.

Here is the quilt top for a small wall quilt I made for a family friend and in-law of my daughter Nikki. I am not Catholic and neither is the mom-in-law but that does not mean Mother Mary is not there for us when we need here. I love this triangle border, which I never did before.

I made this mini-quilt for my son and daughter-in-law living in Hawaii at the time. I was fun making a wall quilt and using yarn to help separate the sand.

Quilt for my daughter Chelsea. She picked out the purples and I added the greens. She wanted something kind of traditional at the time, which is not my style. So I sort of compromised! Now she is modern!

Even Dear Husband helped by clipping my runaway threads! He still does to this day. He considers it his way of participating and helping me with my hobby.

Here is another pic of my granddaughter quilt, I just love bright colors! The mermaid design I just love, even though you can't see too much of it here!

Non-Quilt Projects

The Father's Day card I made for my husband of 26 years. I used black card stock for the card itself, I then changed our picture to black & white. I printed it out on a transparency. I took scrapbook paper and gesso'd certain parts of the back to cover up some of the roses to give it a softer look. I sewed the transparency over the scrapbook paper, then glued them down to the cover. He LOVED it. By the way, yes we are on a Harley.

Here is the product of my journal class at the Queen's Ink in Maryland. Most of the pages look unfinished, but remember the point of the journal is to get some collage started on the pages, so you won't be intimidated by a blank page! It was so fun and simple to do. Of course I can still go in and gesso, paint, add fabrics, tape, ribbon.....

Here I am showing you what I used to create my travel journal, using the Remains of the Day (ROD) class techniques. You can click on this title to link to Mary Ann Moss website if you are interested in her online class. PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR LACK OF EDITING OF SOUND IN FIRST JOURNAL, IT WAS MY FIRST RECORDING! I hope you enjoy!

Did I mention I have a beautiful granddaughter? I will create a slide show of all the picture I used in her book of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. This was my first digital scrapbook project. It really wasn't too difficult after I purchased digital elements from various artists.

I am taking an online class on how to use my own handwriting for pages (Jessica Sprague). We had to create a list and I chose Beatles songs. Of course that reminded me of Adri, so I added her to the page, sort of a tribute to her.

These were my first experimental digital scrapbooking pages.

A Mother's Day gift for my mom, it a sort of clear rolodex scrapbook

A barrel bracelet

Shabby Baby Scrapbook made for a friend